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There are many reasons why people move away from their home country: career opportunities, temporary expat job assignments, study, retirement, an improved quality of life, family commitments, second-home ownership or permanent emigration. Whatever the reason for moving, life in a new place can be unusual, complicated or just difficult. Whether you have been living abroad for ten years or you are just thinking about moving, AngloINFO is here to give you dependable support - whenever and wherever you need it.

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- Saturday 29th November
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Lisbon Zoo

Lisbon Zoo, in Sete Rios, houses approximately 2000 animals. It a zoo in development, continually improving its facilities and adding to the range of species on display. Open daily, in the city,...

IWP - International Women in Portugal

IWP organises a variety of events for women of all nationalities to meet up and share interests. Regular coffee mornings and luncheons as well as excursions, fundraising and social events. Office...

Bullfighters with grubby capes

From the blog:
Sinking into Portugal, Lisbon

A statement about my credentials up front. I am not a voter or a bar room ranter in fact I became so disillusioned with successive UK governments that I did not vote for at least ten years before I left the country to establish a new life in Portugal. I can vote here in Portugal but don’t for ma... Read more

by Harry on November 27, 2014

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Airline Notice: TAP Crew to Strike

The National Union of Civil Aviation Flight Personnel (SNPVAC) have called for strike action on Sun 30 Nov and Tues 2 Dec. Find more information here:

On this day in history

In 1775 Sir James Jay invents invisible ...... ink!

American Diabetes Month

Be Smart About Your Heart:Control the ABCs of Diabetes. ""

HMS Northumberland - Visit a British Warship

HMS Northumberland will be berthed at Doca de Alcantara and will be open to visitors 13:00-16:00. No need to book.


  • Sunrise: 7:32
  • Sunset: 17:16
  • The Weather:
    7.6°C (45°F) and Clear in Lisbon (Last Updated on November 29, 5:42 AM WET)

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Behind the Shadows - An exhibition of glasses

Evolution of eye wear from the 1950's until the present day.

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