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There are many reasons why people move away from their home country: career opportunities, temporary expat job assignments, study, retirement, an improved quality of life, family commitments, second-home ownership or permanent emigration. Whatever the reason for moving, life in a new place can be unusual, complicated or just difficult. Whether you have been living abroad for ten years or you are just thinking about moving, AngloINFO is here to give you dependable support - whenever and wherever you need it.

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IWP - International Women in Portugal

IWP organises a variety of events for women of all nationalities to meet up and share interests. Regular coffee mornings and luncheons as well as excursions, fundraising and social events. Office...

A Morning In The Life of a Menopausal Gardener

From the blog:
Moving On: Life in the Slow Lane, Lisbon

Have breakfast. Morning mosey around the garden.  Notice tomatoes need tying to stakes. Decide to do it immediately. Head to the kitchen to get key to shed.  On  way stop to take in intoxicating scent of sweet peas. Notice some peas podding.  Must stop podding or flowers stop forming. Head to... Read more

by MummaDoc on May 18, 2015

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Public Transport

Public Transport

All about air, rail, road and water transportation options into, around and out of Portugal.

Income Tax

Income Tax

The responsibilities of the taxpayer in Portugal: understand the tax system and how it affects your income.